Special Publications

The NCPA occasionally produces special publications, such as Briefing Books, Conference Proceedings and Copublications with other institutes. Studies by NCPA scholars published elsewhere are included by permission.

Economic Stimulus - The Right Way

Rather than a one- or two-year stimulus package, we should be looking for permanent
fiscal changes that turn the economy around in a lasting way.

Stimulus or Pork?

The Congressional Budget Office (CBO) reports that only 7% of the stimulus spending in the House-passed American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (approx. $358 billion of the total) will be spent this ye…

Obama Health Plan

President-elect Obama has appointed Jeanne Lambrew as Deputy Director of the newly formed White House Office for Health Reform. In this position, Dr. Lambrew will be a major force in shaping health ca…

Pros and Cons on Public Policy: Debate the issues at Helium.com

Should the government control healthcare? Does it really pay to save for retirement? Is Michael Moore right about the U.S. healthcare system? Issues raised at NCPA can now be debated live at Helium.co…

How Parents Can Protect Their Kids against Staph Infections

The threat of drug-resistant bacteria infecting schoolchildren has been scaring parents
across America, after a new report from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention
made national headlines.  H…

Goodman Health Plan

To confront America's health care crisis, we do not need more spending, more regulations or more bureaucracy. We do need people, however, including every doctor and every patient. All 300 million Amer…

Expansion of the State Children’s Health Insurance Program

On October 3, President Bush vetoed a bill passed by Congress to expand funding for the State Children's Health Insurance Program (SCHIP) by $35 billion, paid for with a $0.61 tax on cigarettes.  The…

The 2007 Trustees Report

The Current State of Social Security and Medicare