Special Publications

The NCPA occasionally produces special publications, such as Briefing Books, Conference Proceedings and Copublications with other institutes. Studies by NCPA scholars published elsewhere are included by permission.

U.S. Inequality, Fiscal Progressivity, and Work Disincentives
Trump and Cruz Tax Proposals under the NCPA/BHI National Model
Is the Dodd-Frank Act Responsible for the Economy’s Slow Recovery from the Financial Crisis and the Ensuing Recession?
Simulating Corporate Income Tax Reform Proposals With a DCGE Model
Principles of the Flat Tax
Actuarial Analysis of National Center for Policy Analysis - Proposal for Medicare
The U.S. Corporate Income Tax: A Primer for U.S. Policy Makers
A Chronology of the Financial Crisis

Most Americans did not recognize that the United States had a financial problem until 2007. When people recognized the problem, it was seen as a subprime mortgage issue. In fact, on January 4, 2008, t…

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