Special Publications

The NCPA occasionally produces special publications, such as Briefing Books, Conference Proceedings and Copublications with other institutes. Studies by NCPA scholars published elsewhere are included by permission.

Economic Opportunity versus Income Inequality

Income inequality is largely misunderstood and its importance is frequently overstated. Since the late 1970s, middle-class incomes and living standards have continued to improve.

Reflections During Black History Month: What Public Policies Are Hurting African-Americans?

During a time when people reflect on the struggles and accomplishments of African-Americans over many decades, many agree that "more can be done" to ensure economic opportunity for all Americans. But…

How much are teachers really paid?

Los Angeles and New York City elementary school teachers are some of the highest paid in the country according to the most recent Bureau of Labor Statistics data. It is no surprise that the country’s…

Is the Tax Code Driving Taxpayers From Wisconsin?

On average, Wisconsin loses $136 million a year in adjusted gross income (AGI) from residents moving to other states. That is equal to nearly $2.5 billion over the past two decades. Money leaving the…

Framing Medicare Reform

The Affordable Care Act (ACA) makes dramatic changes to the Medicare program in coming years. The provisions affecting Medicare are intended to slow the program's spending. Lower future Medicare expen…

Evaluating Social Security Reforms in the Age of Budget Deficits

Congress is once again considering changes in Social Security in an attempt to "save" the program. Social Security benefit payments have exceeded tax revenues since 2010; the funding deficit is growin…

Simulating the Elimination of the U.S. Corporate Income Tax
The Impact of State Medicaid Expansion

Arizona has responded to financial incentives in the Affordable Care Act by expanding Medicaid eligibility.

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