Policy Backgrounders

Policy Backgrounders are designed as briefing papers on public policy issues for people with limited time and a need to know about public policy issues.

The Evolving Technologies Of Internet Privacy

Two dynamic Internet software industries are emerging. One is the data-mining industry, producing software tools that firms use to analyze consumer behavior and preferences on the Internet. The other…

School Choice vs. School Choice

Contrary to a widespread impression, America already has an extensive system of school choice. Yet the system is both inefficient and unfair. It discriminates against low-income families and racial mi…

Defined Contribution Health Insurance

Many employers are concluding that it is time to rethink the way they provide health insurance benefits for their employees.

School Choice In The Courts

The need for alternatives to traditional public schools is clear. The alternatives must be able to withstand challenges to their constitutionality.

Why the Social Security Earnings Penalty Should Be Repealed

The Social Security earnings test is among the most unfair and counterproductive policies ever imposed by the federal government. On the one hand, we are continually told that workers have a "right" t…

On Reforming Medicare

This Backgrounder discusses the proposal for Medicare reform that was developed by a bipartisan and bicameral group of members on the Medicare Commission.

Why Death Taxes Should Be Abolished

While the tax is insignificant in terms of federal revenue, it is very significant economically. It wastes resources. It discourages work, saving and investment. And it does virtually nothing to equal…

Reforming the U.S. Health Care System

Unwise government policies are largely responsible for the fact that the number of Americans without health insurance is 43 million and rising.  Unwise government policies also are responsible for the…

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