Brief Analyses

Restricted to two letter-size pages, a Brief Analysis summarizes some aspect or aspects of a public policy issue, presenting points for consideration in policy debates or responding to points that have been raised during these debates.

Why We're Gaining Wetlands

Over the last few years, a largely unnoticed transformation has taken place. Where once wetlands were being drained and filled, today they are being restored at such a rapid pace that the U.S. is now…

Bob Dole's Welfare Reform Plan

Senate Majority Leader Bob Dole has introduced a major welfare reform bill.  The bill includes some important provisions, and takes the first steps toward general welfare reform.

Medical Savings Accounts and the States: Growth From the Grassroots

While health care reform apparently has been assigned a low priority on the congressional agenda this year, the states have been aggressively and successfully moving toward free-market reform. Legisla…

The Impact of ERISA

While it is clear that the ERISA exemption has led to distortions in the current health care system, giving states more control over the self-funded plans would only make matters worse.

Welfare Reform: Should There Be Strings Attached?

A debate has arisen among conservatives over how much freedom the states should have.  Some argue for a "no-strings-attached" approach under which federal requirements on state use of block grant fund…

Solutions to the Problem of Health Insurance Portability

One of the biggest problems facing workers in job transition is that health insurance is not "portable." Although the average person will change jobs eight times during his working life, employees are…

The Endangered Species Act Debate

The political situation has changed since the ESA was first passed. As was true more than 20 years ago, the debate is being driven by a nationwide grassroots movement. However, this time the coalition…

Republican Tax Cuts: Are They Fair?

Most taxes are paid by taxpayers with high incomes while the poor pay almost none, so tax cuts generally appear to benefit the wealthy more than the poor.