Brief Analyses

Restricted to two letter-size pages, a Brief Analysis summarizes some aspect or aspects of a public policy issue, presenting points for consideration in policy debates or responding to points that have been raised during these debates.

Social Security Reform: Other Countries Are Leading the Way

From the inception of Social Security in 1935, politicians have encouraged people to think of the system as similar to private pensions. Private pension plans that invest a person's contributions in s…

Does Welfare Reform Cost More Money?

Work-fare programs in some states already have been successful in getting recipients back to work while decreasing total welfare costs.

Social Security Privatization

A 1994 poll found that more people in their twenties believed in Unidentified Flying Objects than believed they would collect Social Security retirement benefits.

Medical Savings Account Legislation: The Good, The Bad And The Ugly

After years of bipartisan legislative proposals to create tax-free Medical Savings Accounts (MSAs), months of partisan congressional wrangling over whether to include MSAs in health insurance reform p…

The Medicare Program: The Need for Radical Surgery

If Congress doesn't act soon, the Medicare trust fund will be unable to pay the medical bills of our senior citizens by the year 2000, and possibly sooner.

What's at Stake for Patients

Medical Savings Accounts (MSAs) give people a new way to pay for health care.

Taxpayer Choice

After more than 30 years of the War on Poverty, the federal government has proven one thing: it does a bad job of dispensing welfare. Hardly anybody is happy with the result. However, there is a bette…

Fighting the Rising Tax Burden

Recently released data from the Department of Commerce reveal that federal, state and local taxes consumed a record 31.3 percent of gross domestic product last year - the highest level in U.S. history…