Brief Analyses

Restricted to two letter-size pages, a Brief Analysis summarizes some aspect or aspects of a public policy issue, presenting points for consideration in policy debates or responding to points that have been raised during these debates.

An Easy Way to Make Health Insurance More Expensive

Congress can easily make health insurance either less expensive - or more expensive.

A Health Policy Agenda for the 105th Congress

Three major health care crises are developing: a funding crisis, an insurance crisis and a quality crisis. All three require fundamental changes in federal policy. And all three will become more sever…

How Not to Save Medicare

Some of the proposed changes to Medicare would be of little help. Others would cause more problems than they would solve. Either way, Congress and the president seem willing to approve minor changes t…

An Agenda For Economic Freedom

Giving people more economic freedom has been implicit in many Republican and Democratic proposals, yet neither party has turned it into an agenda for the 105th Congress. Both should.

Should We Abolish the Estate Tax?

While the estate and gift tax is insignificant in terms of federal revenue, it is quite significant economically. It wastes resources. It discourages work, saving and investment. And it does virtually…

Answering Critis of The Welfare Reform Act

Critics say the Personal Responsibility and Work Opportunity Reconciliation Act of 1996 goes too far, cutting too much from welfare spending and harming poor children and legal immigrants. Are the cri…

Insuring the Uninsured

The federal government currently subsidizes the employer-provided health insurance of middle- and upper-income workers by about $100 billion a year. By contrast, low-income workers often do not have e…

Is There an "Uninsured Children" Crisis?

Proponents of government intervention want a Medicare program or a resurrection of the failed Clinton health care plan for children. And they are already starting their campaign.