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  • Jun 17, 2015

    Sanders Bill Would Make Generic Drug Manufacturers Pay Rebate

    Heartland: “Generic drug prices can only rise when there isn’t enough competition to hold the prices in check,” says NCPA Senior Fellow Devon Herrick in a Heartland article.

  • Jun 16, 2015

    STEAM Rising

    Why we need to put the arts into STEM education.

    Slate:  “STEM already suffers from a major problem with student engagement, and the focus on changing STEM to STEAM would distract from the issue,” says NCPA Research Fellow Lloyd M. Bentsen IV in a Slate article.

  • Jun 16, 2015

    House Republicans Release Plan to Repeal and Replace Obamacare

    The Heartland Institute: American Health Care Reform Act’s plan to provide everyone with a standard deduction for health insurance would be a great improvement over the current system, says NCPA Senior Fellow Devon Herrick in a Heartland Institute article.

  • Jun 15, 2015

    Reforms would save SSDI for those who need it

    ONE News Now: “The Social Security disability system, which is a portion of the payroll taxes American workers pay into the Social Security system, is in pretty big trouble,” says NCPA Senior Fellow Pam Villarreal in a ONE News Now article.

  • Jun 15, 2015

    Steep Obamacare Insurance Premium Hikes Indicate ‘Death Spiral’ Has Begun

    The Heartland Institute: Obamacare is still very much at risk from the upcoming Supreme Court decision in King v. Burwell, warns NCPA Senior Fellow John R. Graham in a Heartland Institute commentary.

  • Jun 15, 2015

    California Court Strikes Down ‘Pay to Delay’

    The Heartland Institute: “Despite the California court’s decision, there may be times when pay-for-delay makes sense, and a blanket ban may harm consumers”, says NCPA Senior Fellow Devon Herrick in a Heartland Institute article.

  • Jun 15, 2015

    Should hospitals face more scrutiny before offering new surgeries?

    Modern Healthcare: “In an environment where facilities aim to maximize revenue and where they get paid from third-party reimbursements, the launch of new surgical programs could result from all the wrong reasons,” says NCPA Senior Fellow Devon Herrick in Modern Healthcare

  • Jun 12, 2015

    Allen West: Obama Made ‘Greatest Military Blunder World Will Ever Know’ in Iraq

    CNS News: President Obama’s decision to ignore his generals’ recommendations and withdraw U.S. forces from Iraq is “probably the greatest military blunder the world will ever know,” NCPA CEO/President Allen West told

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