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  • Mar 07, 2005

    New health plan is more than that

    Steve Shirley wasn't instantly sold on the idea of a family health insurance policy that carried a $3,000 deductible. But when the vice president of marketing for Guaranty Bank regarded the health plan as something else - another way to build a nest egg - he changed his mind.

  • Mar 06, 2005

    Social Security sure to sag swiftly

    Ten thousand baby boomers turn 60 every day. In just two years, 77 million boomers will begin reaching early retirement age and will become eligible for Social Security benefits.

  • Mar 05, 2005

    Czech Republic president writes book

    Czech Republic President Vaclav Klaus has announced he will release his latest book at a news conference Monday in Dallas.

  • Mar 04, 2005

    Klaus to unveil his book in USA

    President Vaclav Klaus will launch his book "On Road to Democracy: the Czech Republic from the Communist Regime to the Free Society" at the begining of next week, the Presidential Office and the National Center for Policy Analysis (NCPA) said on their webpages.

  • Mar 03, 2005

    Social Security Reform Basics

    Reforming Social Security is a confusing subject. It shouldn't be. There are four facts every Oklahoman needs to know about Social Security.

  • Mar 02, 2005

    The Beauty of the Flat Tax

    On his trip to Slovakia last week, President Bush praised Prime Minister Dzurinda for the flat-tax system he instituted last year. Bush noted that the new tax regime simplified tax collection, attracted foreign capital, and created economic vitality and growth.

  • Feb 25, 2005

    CPA answers Rep. Cooper with other Social Security facts

    I recently read Rep. Jim Cooper's Nashville Eye concerning Social Security. He asked Nashville-area citizens to express their views about reforming the program.

  • Feb 20, 2005

    Act Now to Lift Burden Off Our Children

    Each day, 10,000 baby boomers turn 55. Most are enjoying their peak earning power right now and billions of dollars are pouring into the Social Security fund. However, those dollars are flowing into a "pay-as-you-go" system so they're flowing out just as fast as they come in. Nothing is saved.

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