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  • Jun 16, 2014

    Graham Urges Congress to Limit Taxpayer Liability Posed by ObamaCare

    NCPA: NCPA Senior Fellow John R. Graham urged Congress to use its power to limit taxpayer liability in the Affordable Care Act’s risk corridors in his testimony before the House Committee on Oversight and Government Reform’s Subcommittee on Economic Growth, Job Creation and Regulatory Affairs.

  • Jun 14, 2014

    Why Are College Tuition Costs Rising So Much?

    The Daily Signal: Health care and education are the two industries that have seen the steepest rate of inflation over the past decade, according to an article at The Daily Signal which cites an NCPA report.

  • Jun 12, 2014

    Study: Obamacare Costs Are Crippling Businesses

    Newsmax: The costs imposed by ObamaCare are crippling small businesses, says NCPA Senior Fellow Devon Herrick in a Newsmax article.

  • Jun 10, 2014

    Why Renters Are Ending Up in the Suburbs Young parents will move from urban, multifamily housing back to the suburbs once their children reach “full-blown running” age, says NCPA Senior Fellow Bill Conerly in an article at

  • Jun 10, 2014

    States Can Shed Light on Health Care Prices

    Forbes: The need for transparency in health care pricing will only increase as time goes on, according to an NCPA report featured in a piece at Forbes.

  • Jun 09, 2014

    Kudlow: Reclaiming Reagan’s Voice

    CNBC: Eliminating the corporate tax would raise wages and create growth, says NCPA Senior Fellow Larry Kotlikoff in a piece at CNBC’s Kudlow’s Corner.

  • Jun 09, 2014

    Economy Hitting New Peak—In Most Areas

    Forbes: NCPA Senior Fellow Bill Conerly examines what economic indicators have fully recovered and which are still struggling in a Forbes commentary.

  • Jun 06, 2014

    Stay or Go, You’ve Got Moves to Make

    Money Magazine: Carrying mortgage debt into retirement can limit lifetime wealth and spending, says NCPA Senior Fellow Pam Villarreal in a Money Magazine article.