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  • Apr 24, 2014

    Nonpayment of ObamaCare Premiums Could Cost Doctors

    FOX News: When people stop paying their premiums, it’s up to doctors and hospitals to foot the bill for their care, says NCPA President John Goodman on FOX’s America’s Newsroom.

  • Apr 24, 2014

    Ways the ACA Could Be Improved Edition of the Health Wonk Review

    Colorado Health Insurance Insider: NCPA Senior Fellow Linda Gorman’s examination of claims that failing to expand Medicaid will cause 17,000 deaths per year was highlighted in the latest edition of the Health Wonk Review hosted at Colorado Health Insurance Insider.

  • Apr 22, 2014

    ObamaCare Grace Period

    FOX News: When a patient falls behind on their premium payments, could be left with an unpleasant surprise, says NCPA President John Goodman on FOX News. Under ObamaCare, insurance companies are only obligated to cover 30 of the 90 day grace period for patients who stop paying, leaving doctors with the bill for the last 60 days.

  • Apr 22, 2014

    Study: Global Warming Enhances Output and Health, Helps Poor

    Newsmax: The current warming trend will lead to economic growth, according to an NCPA report featured in a Newsmax article.

  • Apr 17, 2014

    ObamaCare Enrollment: Who Will Continue to Pay?

    FOX News: What we need to know is not how many people have signed up for ObamaCare, but how many paid their first month’s premium and will continue to pay through the rest of the year, says NCPA President John Goodman on FOX News’s Special Report with Bret Baier.

  • Apr 16, 2014

    Study finds lowering corporate income tax would boost workers' wages

    Washington Examiner: Reducing the corporate tax rate to 9 percent and eliminating the loopholes would increase wages by 6 percent in the short term and 9 percent in the long-term, according to a Washington Examiner article covering the corporate income tax study conducted by the NCPA’s Tax Analysis Center.

  • Apr 16, 2014

    Minimum Wage Hike Often Offset By Fringe Benefit Cuts

    Politico: The NCPA’s Tax Analysis Center’s latest study on cutting the corporate income tax was featured in Politico’s Morning Tax Report.

  • Apr 15, 2014

    Study: To Help US Workers Find Jobs, Eliminate or Slash Corporate Income Tax Eliminating the corporate income tax would produce major economic benefits and welfare gains in the U.S., says NCPA Senior Fellow Laurence Kotlikoff in a piece. Kotlioff discussed the income tax study conducted by the NCPA’s Tax Analysis Center at a Capitol Hill briefing in D.C.