NCPA Media: News Release

  • Apr 22, 1998

    Earth Day Briefing Unveils Five Rational Principles For A Better Environment

    In celebration of Earth Day a panel of environmental experts gathered in Washington, D.C. at a National Center for Policy Analysis Congressional briefing that urged lawmakers to move away from accusations of who values restoring, protecting and conserving the environment most to focusing instead on sensible environmental policies.

  • Apr 17, 1998

    Earthday Briefing: Five Rational Principles for a Better Environment

    The National Center for Policy Analysis (NCPA) will sponsor a Congressional Briefing to propose principles to help solve one of the most important dilemmas facing modern Americans: How do we best advance environmental protection while ensuring continued economic growth and individual rights?

  • Apr 13, 1998

    NCPA Tax Expert Calls for Major Tax Reform

    As April 15th approaches, the time of year when taxpayers feel most inclined to lambast the Internal Revenue Service, it is imperative that Americans pay attention to the real problem - the tax code the IRS is contracted by Congress to enforce.

  • Apr 06, 1998

    Study: Diet & Lifestyle, Not Chemicals, Are The Largest Cause of Cancer

    More than half the natural chemicals in fruits and vegetables that have been tested cause cancer in laboratory rats and mice at very high doses.

  • Mar 24, 1998

    A Real Patient Bill of Rights

    While the President's health care commission has released a Consumers' Bill of Rights that could lead to massive regulation and government control over health insurance, a group of panelists today said the solution is more choice, not more regulation.

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