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  • Feb 21, 2014

    Medicare Hits Plans With Another 3% Cut

    Managed Healthcare Executive: Cutting Medicare Advantage payments would diminish seniors’ options and benefits many have come to rely on, says NCAP Senior Fellow Devon Herrick in a Managed Healthcare Executive article.

  • Feb 20, 2014

    Should clients carry a mortgage into retirement?

    A new tool can help resolve an age-old debate

    Investment News:  NCPA Senior Fellow Pamela Villarreal utilized the State Tax Calculator to help seniors decide whether carrying a mortgage into retirement is worth the expense in an Investment News article.

  • Feb 20, 2014

    Biden’s ACA Enrollment Confession: What’s Next? The focus of the ACA enrollment debate should be if and when people are paying their premiums, says NCPA Senior Fellow Devon Herrick in a article. According to Herrick, it’ll be 3-5 months before we know whether people are consistently paying their premiums and keeping their insurance.

  • Feb 19, 2014

    VA Report on Current Medicaid Access Raises Concerns for Future Care Medicaid is taking in “more and more people that are less and less poor,” and its expansion in Virginia could reduce access to care for those most needy, says NCPA Senior Fellow Devon Herrick in a piece from

  • Feb 17, 2014

    Why Abolishing the Corporate Income Tax is Good for American Workers

    PBS’s Market Sen$e: NCPA Senior Fellow Laurence Kotlikoff reaffirms the economics behind abolishing the corporate income tax to benefit workers and responds to concerns raised by his New York Times op-ed at PBS’s Market Sen$e.

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