www.ncpa.org Adds Pharmaceutical Hotline

Link Provides Most Up-to-Date Information from a Variety of Sources

DALLAS (April 9, 2001) -- The National Center for Policy Analysis (NCPA) has added a new pharmaceutical hotline to its Web site, www.ncpa.org. The hotline provides one-stop access to more than 200 articles, summaries and studies on a wide range of pharmaceutical policy issues.

"The NCPA recognized the need for a comprehensive Web site on pharmaceutical policy," said Devon Herrick, NCPA research manager. "So the NCPA has linked together all relevant issues under one Web site-www.ncpa.org."

The NCPA pharmaceutical hotline has links to other think tanks, such as the Heritage Foundation, Cato Institute, Brookings Institution and American Enterprise Institute, in addition to a wealth of on-site information.

  • More than 50 articles on pharmaceutical economics
  • More than 40 articles on pharmaceutical regulation
  • There are 60 articles on proposals for Medicare prescription coverage
  • Another 50 articles on health and drugs, international issues, Medicaid and other issues
  • A link to "pharmacy news and information" at Yahoo! Health: Drugs and Medications

"Researchers studying pharmaceutical policy no longer need to enter search engines, only to receive a flood of articles on the war on drugs or be routed to Web sites attempting to sell drugs or dispense information on university pharmaceutical programs," Herrick said. The NCPA Web site contains the latest industry information in major policy areas:

  • health care and drugs
  • economics of drugs
  • drug regulation
  • international drug issues
  • new drug technology

In addition, there are articles about drug coverage under Medicare and Medicaid.