Václav Klaus Elected President Of Czech Republic

National Center for Policy Analysis Distinguished Leader Wins Top Post

DALLAS (February 28, 2003) -- Václav Klaus, 2003 Distinguished Leader at the National Center for Policy Analysis (NCPA), which is headquartered in Dallas, has been elected president of the Czech Republic, according to Radio Prague and Czech Radio. Klaus, former Czech prime minister, was elected by majority vote of the Czech Council of Deputies and Senators earlier today.

"Václav Klaus is one of the heroes of the modern age," said John C. Goodman, NCPA president. "He has helped lead the Czech Republic out of communism toward free-market economic reform. We are pleased that he is hosting this year's NCPA Chairman's Club conference in Prague."

As Distinguished Leader, President Klaus had planned a U.S. residency at the NCPA in Dallas to publish a series of reports on free-market reforms, and deliver a series of lectures and educational forums on free-market ideals both in Texas and Washington, D.C. Plans also included working with congressional leaders to discuss foreign policy issues. Because of Klaus's election as president, his U.S. residency at the NCPA will be delayed.