Updated Global Warming Primer Dispels Climate Change Myths

NCPA Educational Publication Based on Scientific Research

Source: NCPA

DALLAS (September 12, 2013) - An updated edition of the NCPA's myth-buster primer about the misinformation and even disinformation about global warming is now available online and in print. Based on facts, not myth and political double-speak, the National Center for Policy Analysis' Global Warming Primer is an easy to use, informative guide that addresses the debate about global warming by focusing on simple facts about the earth's climate and temperature.

"Today's global warming policies have no connection to climatological reality," said NCPA Senior Fellow H. Sterling Burnett, who compiled the facts and graphs presented in the primer. "Excuse the expression, but most opinions about global warming are nothing more than hot air. What this debate needs is fresh air, and the 2nd edition of the NCPA Global Warming Primer provides it."

The Global Warming Primer, for example, busts the myths about greenhouse gases, what scientists know and don't know, and how our climate isn't much different today than years, decades and even centuries past. For example:

  • Over the earth's multi-billion year existence, there has been no close relationship between carbon dioxide and temperature.
  • Scientists know relatively little about the factors that affect climate and temperature.
  • Sea levels are rising at a slower rate now than they have on average since the end of the last ice age.
  • Hurricanes cost far more today than in the past because there are more people and greater development on the coasts. But hurricanes are neither more numerous nor more powerful than before.

"Much of the so-called science behind global warming isn't science at all," Burnett added. "The facts about climate change don't support the hype; not for violent weather, sea levels or even the 'threat' of polar bear population decline."

The primer shows how life would have to change if carbon taxes or equivalent cap-and-trade policies were enacted and demonstrates that we could reduce far more misery at much lower costs if we focused our efforts on adapting to climate change, regardless of the reason or the direction.

The 2nd Edition of the NCPA's Global Warming Primer is available free at http://www.ncpa.org/pub/global-warming-primer-2nd-edition and printed copies are available for $25 each, with bulk order discounts for schools, groups and clubs. You can find the short video overview at the same link.