The Pros and Cons of Hillary

Why she might want to run for vice president—and why she might not.

by Pete du Pont

Source: The Wall Street Journal

"Look, it's the one thing, I think, that the Democrats could do to nearly guarantee Obama re-election," Bill Keller of the New York Times said on MSNBC's "Morning Joe" Jan. 13. "It would generate enough excitement that they might actually have some coattails and help out a little bit with the Senate and the House."

Mr. Keller was referring to the possibility of replacing Joe Biden with Hillary Clinton as President Obama's running mate—an idea I discussed in my November column. Not only would it be a winning move, Mr. Keller said, "it would position Clinton as the heir apparent for 2016, assuming she wants to run." That may be true, but the real question is whether Mrs. Clinton would think joining the ticket would be a smart political move.

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