The part of health care reform you should fear most

by Devon Herrick

Source: The Washington Examiner

The recent health care law is facing renewed scrutiny from the Supreme Court for its individual mandate -- the provision by which all American citizens living in the U.S. must purchase health insurance or pay a fine.

But a lesser-known provision -- the Independent Payment Advisory Board -- is one that deserves your attention if you value the quality of the medical care you receive.

In creating President Obama's health care law, policymakers recognized the need to reform Medicare. For instance, the most recent report by the Medicare Trustees predicts that funds will be depleted by 2024. To solve that problem, the new health care law created IPAB, a board of 15 people who are not elected, and will not be accountable to taxpayers or Medicare beneficiaries. They -- not patients, doctors or even legislators -- will make difficult decisions about funding for health care.

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