Telemedicine grades: Which 3 states received an F?

by Akanksha Jayanthi

Source: BeckersHospitalReview

Though telemedicine is gaining ground and popularity among patients and providers, access to virtual visits varies from state to state.

Three states in particular fare worse than the rest when it comes to telemedicine regulations. The American Telemedicine Association gave Alabama, Arkansas and Texas failing grades for telemedicine regulations, meaning they severely restrict the practice in the state.

Georgia was the sole state to receive a C, and the rest of the states and the District of Columbia received an A or B grade.

An issue brief from the National Center for Policy Analysis, say Texas, Alabama and Georgia are the only three states requiring an in-office follow-up visit after a telemedicine consultation. And, Arkansas and Texas are the only states requiring the patient and physician to already have an established relationship before a virtual visit.

The brief suggests Texas' limitations on telemedicine are detrimental to healthcare in Texas.

"The protectionist policies of the Texas Medical Board threaten to undermine the effort Texas has made to increase access to medical care through telemedicine," the brief concludes.