Slow Down Climate Change Treaty!

DALLAS, TEXAS - As expected, President Clinton has pledged a U.S. commitment to slow global warming, but he didn't offer any specific plan in his speech Thursday at the United Nations Earth Summit.

Before the President commits to an internationally binding Global Warming Treaty, he would be wise to carefully weigh the benefits against the long-term ramifications. Contrary to what those in favor of the treaty would lead the President and the public to believe, there is no need to rush into a decision. In fact, the best scientific data available shows no evidence of warming over the last 20 years!

National Center for Policy Analysis Environmental Expert, H. Sterling Burnett is available to discuss the issue of global climate change, and the myths that are being circulated to urge quick action on the Global Warming Treaty. To set up an interview, call Jil Hicks at 972-386-6272.

WHO: NCPA Environmental Expert H. Sterling Burnett

WHAT: Global Warming Treaty

WHERE: Available By Phone for Interviews

WHEN: Call Jil Hicks (972-386-6272) To Schedule An Interview