Romney's Good Month

Thanks to the debates, he ends October much better off.

by Pete du Pont

Source: The Wall Street Journal

In spite of the usual positioning and posturing by each candidate, we did manage to learn quite a bit from this month's presidential and vice presidential debates.

Probably the most significant lesson is that debates can make a difference. When many voters are just starting to focus on the campaign, debates are often the first time they'll see the candidates without the filter of the media or the cover of advertising. A significant portion of the mainstream media went out of its way to tell us a Mitt Romney would be bad for middle-class and lower-income families. The Obama campaign and related PACs spent millions telling us Mr. Romney was an insensitive plutocrat who destroyed jobs. One political action committee's infamous ad even went so far as to imply that Mr. Romney was to blame for a woman's death.

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