Republicans Lack Alternative to Obama’s Healthcare Bill

by Debbie Pernal

Source: USA Election News

In the 2010 mid-term elections the focus of the campaign by the Republicans was the repulsion and replacement of the health care bill by the Democrats. The stance was instrumental in the GOP victory and making the conservatives getting settled in the Senate, however, they afterwards forgot to replace this health care law.

With the Supreme Court now intervening in the issue and itself performing the repeal role, the question is being raised that who will perform the task of replacing it. Jonathan Bernstein from the Washington Post says that the Republicans have been lying when they promised of replacing it as they have been promising for 15 months to come up with their alternative to Obama’s health care bill.

John Goodman says at Fox News that the Republicans have off course got an alternative and as there is Republican health plan. But as the Democrats are offended even talking about the health care law likewise the Republicans are shy of revealing their plan.

It is being said that the reason of this Republican behavior is that their health care bill is more progressive and radical than the one proposed by Obama. The highlight is that it evades all the federal and state tax subsidies for insurance coverage and gives every American citizen the same amount of money for buying their insurance.

Hence it can be said that the evasion of subsidies proves very well that the Republicans have certainly got their own health care bill.

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