Proposed reform won't solve problems - OneNewsNow

by Jim Brown


A leading health economist says everybody is missing the two worst aspects of the Democrats' healthcare reform bill.

Dr. John Goodman of the National Center for Policy Analysis says Congress and President Obama are about to nationalize health insurance in the U.S. for the first time in American history and make it illegal for anyone to pay a "real price" for health insurance anywhere in the country.

"The insurance companies will be turned into public utilities -- and going forward, they will not be able to solve the critical problems of cost and quality and access to care, which are very real and which need solutions," notes Goodman.  "So they'll just be taken out of the mix, and they'll just be shuffling money mainly, and that's too bad because these are problems that need to get solved."

Goodman favors consumer-driven healthcare, where people control more of their own healthcare dollars.

"I think there's a tremendous opportunity to do this with chronic patients -- the diabetics, the asthmatics.  We've done it in Medicaid.  We know it works, and that will not be able to happen going forward," he explains.  "They will not be able to carve out areas and say, 'We'll let the patient manage the money.'  Basically everybody in America is going to have to have the same healthcare plan."

According to the health economist, that insurance will be "unoriginal, non-innovative, and...will not solve problems."

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