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IOM authors want behavioral health data in MU stage 2 — Progress in EHR adoption from 2006-11 — Bill exempts surgery centers from meaningful use

by Ashley Gold

Source: Politico

HERE’S ONE GROUP THAT HATES EHRs: A new report by National Center for Policy Analysis, a libertarian Dallas think tank, rips the EHR incentive program and meaningful use. “The Office of the National Coordinator of Health IT has proposed a breathtakingly ambitious 10-year strategic plan,” senior fellow John R. Graham writes in the report. “This comes five years after a 5-year plan that invested $30 billion taxpayer dollars in Electronic Health Records (EHRs) that do not communicate effectively with each other, frustrate doctors by making them type meaningless data into computers instead of diagnosing and treating patients, and have inhibited true innovation in health information technology.” Graham is no fan of the ONC or its ten-year plan: “These government-mandated [EHRs] have likely resulted in a health IT environment less effective than had the government not intervened,” he writes. “Congress should view this 10-year strategic plan with skepticism, and return the ONC to its original role of ‘coordinator’ of health IT, not its financier, regulator, and overseer.” See their report: http://bit.ly/1MzIWcz