Pelosi Laughably Claims Democrats Are The Jobs Party

Source: Investor’s Business Daily

Election '14: Chief House Democrat Nancy Pelosi says her party can win this November by asking, "Where are the jobs?" That's like Bill Clinton running for re-election asking, "Where are the interns?"

Former House Speaker Pelosi supposedly had been celebrating the fourth anniversary of the enactment of ObamaCare last week.

She was, after all, standing before a placard touting "The Affordable Care Act Four Years Later," which featured photos of happy-looking, satisfied patients.

"We just couldn't be prouder," she said of the health reform that has been separating Americans from their preferred doctors, their health plans and lots more of their money in taxes and higher premiums.

But when a reporter asked if ObamaCare is "a political liability for your party" in an election year, Pelosi gave a jaw-dropping reply:

"We're not running on this," she claimed. "We're running on what the American people want us to run on, and that is job creation."

Then, as if her party had nothing to do with the economic policies of the last five years that have given the country the worst economic "recovery" of the modern era, Pelosi added: "Show us the jobs. Where are the jobs?"

She then asked, as if incredulous, "Why are we not here passing a jobs agenda?"

Excuse us, Congresswoman, but we did pass a "jobs agenda." Your jobs agenda.

Remember when your party had control of the White House and both houses of Congress — with a filibuster-proof margin in the Senate — during the first two years of the Obama administration?

Remember, Congresswoman, the $831 billion stimulus you voted for that was going to rebuild the nation's infrastructure?

Remember all those "shovel-ready projects" that just needed a check from Uncle Sam to start employing the unemployed like crazy?

Remember the massive expansion in unemployment benefits that White House press secretary Jay Carney promised us would "infuse money directly into the economy," causing "growth and income for businesses that leads them to decisions about jobs, more hiring," generating as many as 1 million new jobs?

And do you recall the 3.8% surtax on investment income, plus 20 or so other new or increased taxes you and nearly all of your fellow congressional Democrats voted for, and your president signed into law?

As Peter Ferrara pointed out in Forbes last year, the historical pattern of the American business cycle has been "the worse the recession, the stronger the recovery." Therefore, "Obama should have had an easy time producing a booming recovery by now."

But instead, as Ferrara noted, "Obama's so-called recovery included the longest period since the Great Depression with unemployment above 8%, 43 months." That began with the February 2009 passage of the stimulus and lasted all the way to August 2012o.

The Obama-Pelosi "recovery" has "also included the longest period since the Great Depression with unemployment at 9.0% or above, 30 months, from April 2009 until September 2011."

Ferrara compared that to the 65 years from 1948 to the beginning of 2013 when "there were no months (other than Obama's) with unemployment over 8%, except for 26 months during the bitter 1981 — 1982 recession, which slayed the historic inflation of the 1970s."

This is how new and different the extended unemployment resulting from the Democratic Party's total control of economic policy has been.

"Where are the jobs?" Good luck running on that slogan this year.