NCPA’s Burnett to Address Gun Suits At Atlanta’s Shot Show

"Where will this silly lawsuit parade stop, suing the candy industry for the cost of a root canal?"

January 29, 1999 - H. Sterling Burnett, a senior policy analyst with the Dallas-based National Center for Policy Analysis, will take part in a panel discussion and a press conference about the recent outbreak of law suits filed against the firearm industry this weekend at the national "S.H.O.T. Show" held Atlanta. While in Atlanta, Burnett will be available for comment on this growing movement that includes the host-city of Atlanta, of suing manufacturers for the misuse of their products.

NCPA's H. Sterling Burnett

National Shooting Sports Foundation's
"S.H.O.T. Show"
Panel Discussion on Gun Litigation
American Shooting Sports Council Press Conference

12:30 - 1:30p.m. Monday, February 1, 1999

Room 202-East
World Congress Center
Atlanta, GA