NCPA Web Site Adds Terrorism Update

Site Content Assesses Threats, Responses Posed by Terrorist Activities

DALLAS (Sept. 17, 2001) - The National Center for Policy Analysis (NCPA) has added a new feature to its Web site, Terrorism in America: Threats, Strategies and Policy. The content of the site informs visitors of threats posed by worldwide terrorism and reviews public policy responses.

"Terrorism in America gives a clear view of policies and actions governments have implemented in the past to combat terrorism, assesses the success or failure of those efforts, and suggests guidelines for dealing with it today," according to NCPA senior scholar, Dorman Cordell.

"The Web site provides policy makers and the public with a clearinghouse of information on worldwide terrorism, from potential threats to ideas on how to combat it - all in one place," added A. Wess Mitchell, NCPA's Russell and Phoebe Perry policy intern, who researched construction of the site.

The Terrorism in America Web site concentrates on a discussion of methods employed by modern terrorists, their organizations, and the states that sponsor them. Included in the site's content is a focus on weapons of mass destruction, cyber-terrorism, suicide bombings and an exploration of the real costs of terrorist activity.

Both Cordell and Mitchell are available for interviews through the NCPA contacts listed below.