NCPA to Tackle Government Transparency

Cary Maguire Funded Task Force to Examine Causes of 2008 Financial Crisis & Policies to Prevent Another Crash

Source: NCPA

Can we prevent another market-mortgage economic crash? As economic experts from many sectors warn of an impending economic crash – possibly of equal magnitude to the Great Recession of 2008 – the National Center for Policy Analysis will create a task force to research and report on the causes and effects of the 2008 financial crisis and recommend solutions for the future.

The task force, which is made possible through a generous $500,000 grant from Cary Maguire, will spend the next two years:

  • Researching the causes of the 2008 financial causes,
  • Reporting and explaining these factors and causes, and
  • Proposing policies to prevent a repeat of the 2008 crisis.

“The lack of transparency and resulting criminality at the federal government level and in major institutions played a major role in the formation of the 2008 crisis,” says NCPA President/CEO Allen West. “Our goal with this project is to educate policy makers, the media and the public on policy solutions to prevent crises and encourage transparency in the future.”

The task force will consist of independent experts and ethicists dedicated to “making the world better by determining exactly what happened, why it happened, and what is needed to prevent crises in the future,” says NCPA Board Member Dennis McCuistion, who will head the project.

“We will focus specifically on the transparency issues facing the federal government and innovative policies to overcome them,” said McCuistion.

Over the course of two years, the task force will hold congressional conferences, webinars, and a national summit to publicize its findings to lawmakers, experts, and the public. Cary M. Maguire said, “As it says in the Bible, 'the truth will set you free.' We can make much better decisions and priorities if we can get the real truth from our leaders.”