NCPA Study Finds Social Security Discriminates

WASHINGTON, D.C. - As Congress wrangles over Social Security reform, a National Center for Policy Analysis (NCPA) study finds that the system is not only destined to fail, but also discriminates against blacks and people without college degrees.

According to the study scheduled for release Tuesday:

  • People without college degrees do worse than those with diplomas.
  • Blacks do worse than whites because whites live longer.
  • The rich carry a much smaller burden as a percent of lifetime income than do low-income families.

Boston University Economics Professor Laurence J. Kotlikoff, author of the study, will participate in the morning session of AEI's tax seminar. Immediately following that session, Kotlikoff will take part in an NCPA press conference to release the study, "Privatizing Social Security." He will discuss the study's findings and detail its plan for a fully-privatized Social Security system.

Kotlikoff is considered one of the world's leading experts on generational equity. His counsel is frequently sought in Washington, D.C. and by policymakers around the world. He has testified on several occasions before Members of Congress and has published extensively on such topics as deficits, taxes, Social Security, savings and investment.

Boston University Economics Professor Laurence J. Kotlikoff and
The National Center for Policy Analysis

Press conference to release the study
"Privatizing Social Security"

11:15 a.m., Tuesday, August 4, 1998

Wohlstetter Conference Center 12th Floor,
American Enterprise Institute
1150 17th Street, NW
Washington, D.C.