NCPA Publishes U.S. Map of Successful Anti-Fracking Campaigns

Research Shows Campaigns to Ban Fracking are Widespread

Source: NCPA

The National Center for Policy Analysis today launched a new map that tracks hydraulic fracturing or “frac[k]ing” bans, restrictions and other government action hostile to this revolutionary technique used to enhance U.S. oil and gas production. This map will be an ongoing project that tracks the status of federal, state, and local efforts to restrict fracking across the United States.

“Fracking bans and prohibitive fracking regulations are a threat to this country’s economic recovery and superpower status,” says NCPA Executive Vice President/COO Jacki Pick. “Enhanced energy production through fracking can help the U.S. revive its economy with unprecedented growth, greatly reduce the national debt and trade deficit, and insure that we maintain our influence on the world stage.”

Fracking, combined with advances in horizontal drilling, is how the United States became a top natural gas and oil producer in just the past few years.

Pick details the importance of fracking in a new video:

“Campaigns to ban fracking too often are based on questionable research, and are progressively choking development in exchange for illusory benefit,” says Pick.   While many Americans have heard of isolated anti-frac campaigns, few are aware of the hundreds of successful anti-frac[k]ing efforts that have swept the nation.  This map gives a comprehensive view of that activism and the full breadth of the threat it poses to our economy and energy security. The NCPA will continue to update this map over time as new anti-frac restrictions crop up around the country. 

See the fracking map at: