WASHINGTON, Dec. 5 /PRNewswire/ -- The National Center for Policy Analysis has named Jack Strayer Vice President - External Affairs. Starting on January 1, 1998, Mr. Strayer will manage activities in the NCPA's Washington office, serving as the main contact for members of Congress and the media in Washington.

"Jack is a valuable addition to the NCPA, notably because of his extensive background in working with policymakers in Washington," Jeanette Goodman, NCPA executive vice president said. "His presence will provide us with a solid and knowledgeable contact with Congress and the public."

Mr. Strayer first came to Washington, D.C. in the fall of 1976, serving as then Congressman David Stockman's (R-MI) personal assistant. In 1979 he returned to his home state of Michigan to join the communications staff of the Michigan House of Representatives. After six years at that post, Mr. Strayer returned to Washington to represent the National Association of Convenience Stores on Capitol Hill. He went on to serve as the director of federal affairs for the Council for Affordable Health Insurance and recently had been working as a legislative consultant with a non-attorney affiliation for the Virginia-based law firm Taylor Thiemann & Aitken. Mr. Strayer's background has allowed him to work on a wide range of issues:

  • Healthcare reform
  • Tax reform
  • Labor laws
  • Employee testing
  • Immigration
  • OSHA
  • Petroleum marketing
  • Excise taxes on gasoline, tobacco and alcohol
  • Superfund and leaking underground storage tanks
  • Workplace safety
  • Americans with Disabilities Act.

He has appeared at health care forums for members of Congress, insurance groups and other health related associations across the country. Mr. Strayer has also been interviewed on CNBC, C-SPAN, PBS's Nightly Business Report, Fox Morning News, National Empowerment Television, News Talk Television, the nationally-syndicated Suzanne Somers Show and on CNN Prime Time News.