NCPA Launches Education Blog

Blog Explores Education Reform and School Choice

The new National Center for Policy Analysis (NCPA) education blog will address education funding and quality problems and offer creative solutions to improve both.

Education Reform! Restoring Choice & Control for America focuses on school system reform, school choice issues and reasons for persistent low performance of students in public schools.

“Driven by multiple authoritative non-partisan and bipartisan ‘Nation at Risk’ declarations, the federal government and all fifty states have been pursuing school reform without school system reform,” says NCPA Senior Fellow John Merrifield.  “That is why we are stuck at ‘Nation at Risk’ performance levels despite massive funding growth.  The NCPA education blog will provide unique, critical perspectives education policies, including international examples.  You will definitely learn a lot.”

“By following our blog, you will be able to stay current on education issues and key legislation and join in the conversation about school system reform,” said NCPA Senior Research Fellow Lloyd Bentsen IV.

You can find the blog at, where you can subscribe to emails or RSS feed.

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