NCPA Health Care Expert Says House Plan Won't Work "Patients Need Consumer Choice, Not Consumer Protection"

WASHINGTON, D.C. - "Republicans have finally responded to political pressure to do something about managed care. The problem is what they want to do is wrong."

That was the reaction of Dr. Merrill Matthews, at yesterday afternoon's unveiling of the House Working Group on Health Care Quality's health care plan to protect patients without big government involvement. The package focuses on accessibility, affordability and accountability.

"Several states, including Texas, have already adopted similar legislation and the primary impact has been more expensive health insurance, not better health insurance," Matthews said. "Instead of giving patients consumer protection, what Congress needs to do is give patients consumer choice."

Based in Dallas, The National Center for Policy Analysis is the nation's premier think tank on pro-free enterprise approaches to health policy issues. Dr. Matthews and other NCPA experts frequently testify before congressional committees, brief Members of Congress, and appear on radio and television stations and in newspapers across the nation addressing a variety of health care policy issues.

Dr. Matthews is available in the NCPA's Dallas office to talk about the House plan to protect patients without involving big government. To schedule an interview call Jil Hicks at 972/386-6272.

Dr. Merrill Matthews, NCPA Vice President - Domestic Policy

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