NCPA: Finding A Winner In The Great Drug Benefit Debate

Non-Partisan Analysis Of Bush & Gore Medicare Plans Now Available

DALLAS (Friday, November 3, 2000) - As the presidential election heads for the final stretch, both candidates are crisscrossing the country pitching their version of a prescription drug benefit to senior voters. The non-partisan National Center for Policy Analysis (NCPA SM) has examined both candidates' approaches to providing drug coverage and have published a comprehensive analysis which is available online at

According to the report, the two presidential candidates have distinctly different views for providing prescription drug coverage for the nation's elderly.

  • Vice President Gore proposes the addition of a third insurance program for seniors, this one covering prescription drugs; as a result, most seniors would have three plans with three premiums (Medicare Part B, Medigap and prescription drug coverage).
  • Governor Bush, following the recommendation of the National Bipartisan Commission on the Future of Medicare, proposes to allow the elderly to enroll in the same kind of comprehensive health plans available to the non-elderly, so that seniors would have one plan with one premium.

The NCPA report looks into the implications and consequences of these two approaches. To receive a copy of the report or an executive summary, contact the Communications Department.