NCPA Expert To Testify on Prison Industries: Removing Restrictions to Inmate Work Best Antidote for Recidivism

WASHINGTON, D.C. - Dr. Morgan Reynolds, director of the National Center for Policy Analysis' Criminal Justice Center will testify before the Crime Subcommittee of the House Judiciary Committee on the new prison reform bill, Prison Industries Reform Act of 1998. According to Dr. Reynolds, failure to remove existing prison labor monopolies by allowing the private sector to expand employment of inmates and the sale of prison-made goods remains the greatest barrier to reducing recidivism.

Of today's prison population of 1.8 million, fewer than 100,000 state and federal prisoners work in productive, job-training employment within or outside prison walls.

Dr. Reynolds simultaneously serves as a professor at Texas A&M University, regularly testifies before Congress, and was visiting scholar for the Joint Economic Committee in 1994. In addition to his work to expand prison industries, Dr. Reynolds is one of the country's leading experts on juvenile crime and the effects of expected punishment on reducing crime. As a published columnist, Dr. Reynolds also calls for reform of the Brady Gun Bill and the Miranda rights.

For interviews with Dr. Reynolds in Washington, contact Joan Kirby at 202- 220-3082. For Texas interviews, contact Jil Hicks at 972-386-6272.

Dr. Morgan Reynolds

Testimony On Expanding Prison Industries Before The House Judiciary Committee Subcommittee On Crime

2:00 PM, Thursday, June 25th