NCPA - Estes is CFO, Smith is Director of IT/Online

NCPA President Says Changes Better Reflect Duties

DALLAS (January 10, 2003) -- The National Center for Policy Analysis (NCPA) today announced that Janice Estes is chief financial officer and Rick Smith is director of IT/Online Services, according to President John C. Goodman.

"This change acknowledges and reflects the duties for which these two NCPA staff members have been responsible for some time," Goodman explained.

Estes, a certified public accountant, also supervises much of the NCPA's office management, budget, credit, insurance and personnel functions. Smith directs the NCPA's online department which oversees the NCPA's Web sites and provides IT support to all NCPA offices.

"Janice Estes's financial expertise allowed the NCPA to automate operations and achieve greater efficiency, and Rick Smith's management has allowed us to increase and enhance our online marketing communications effort and exposure."

The NCPA is headquartered in Dallas with offices in Washington, DC.