National Center for Policy Analysis to Propose Tax Cutting Agenda

Washington, D.C. - Five years ago President Clinton raised taxes to balance the budget and eliminate the national deficit. Now that the government is operating with a budget surplus of between $43 billion to $63 billion, why are Americans still paying higher taxes? The National Center for Policy Analysis (NCPA) will hold a Capitol Hill briefing Monday, June 8, to propose a tax cutting agenda. The briefing will address current tax cut options, including:

  • Eliminating the marriage penalty
  • Deducting FICA from income taxes
  • Lowering the income tax brackets
  • Eliminating the estate tax
  • Addressing the problems created by Pay-Go

The briefing comes at a time when there is much indecision among Members of Congress over whether to cut taxes and where the money to finance cuts will come from. Briefing participants will take a strong stand in favor of tax cuts, evaluate the current tax cut proposals and propose a bold new agenda for even deeper cuts.

The briefing will be led by NCPA Policy Chairman Pete du Pont. Joining him in the discussion will be Senator John Ashcroft; Senator Rod Grams; Jack Kemp, co-director of Empower America; NCPA Senior Fellow Bruce Bartlett; and Steve Moore, director of fiscal policy for The Cato Institute.

Governor Pete du Pont, Senator John Ashcroft, Senator Rod Grams, Empower America Co-director Jack Kemp, NCPA Senior Fellow Bruce Bartlett and Cato Institute Director of Fiscal Policy Steve Moore

Is It Time To Cut Taxes? - An NCPA Capitol Hill Briefing

10 a.m., Monday, June 8, 1998

The Cannon Caucus Room 345 Cannon House Office Building Washington, D.C.

Conference will be available on Real Audio at 10:00 EST