National Center For Policy Analysis Hill Briefing: "New Solutions For Rising Drug Costs"

WASHINGTON (Sept. 5, 2000) -- Jumping into the fray of the prescription drug debate, the National Center for Policy Analysis will host a Congressional briefing, Thursday, Sept. 7, to propose an innovative new way to finance a prescription drug benefit for seniors. Panel members also will discuss the unintended consequences for seniors of re-importating American made drugs, currently proposed by an Agricultural Appropriations amendment headed for Conference Committee.

NCPA President John C. Goodman will propose expanding Roth IRAs to cover medical expenses and prescription drugs verses implementing new price controls on prescription drugs. NCPA Senior Fellow Robert Goldberg and Columbia Business School professor Frank Lichtenberg will discuss the impact re-importation could have on affordability and access to the newest drugs. California Democrat Rep. Cal Dooley also has been invited to discuss the politics of the prescription drug debate.

WHO: Rep. Cal Dooley(D-Ca),(Invited); John C. Goodman, Ph.D., President, NCPA; Robert Goldberg, Ph.D., Senior Fellow, NCPA; Frank Lichtenberg, Ph.D., Professor, Columbia School Of Business

WHAT: NCPA Briefing: New Solutions For Rising Drug Costs: Avoiding The Problems Of Reimportation

WHEN: Thursday, Sept. 7, 2000, 9:30 To 11:30 A.M.

WHERE: H-137 The U.S. Capitol, Washington, D.C.