More Turmoil over Keystone Pipeline

by Chris Woodward

Source: OneNewsNow

With Tuesday being the deadline for public comments on TransCanada's latest permit request for the Keystone XL pipeline, one free-market advocate is encouraging supporters to make their voices heard.

The new request involves minor routing changes in Nebraska, where environmental groups are concerned about "ecologically sensitive" areas.

Phil Kerpen of American Commitment is providing a way for pipeline supporters to weigh in.

"We have a website at that makes this very easy," he shares. "If you go to, there's a form to send official comments directly to the State Department into the docket."

The Manhattan Institute and the National Center for Policy Analysis have reported this summer that pipelines remain the safest mode for oil and gas shipping, with 175,000 miles of onshore and offshore petroleum pipeline and more than 300,000 miles of natural gas transmission and gathering pipeline -- each of which is responsible for a "disproportionately low fraction of environmental incidents."

"The green groups are filling the docket with comments, saying they should start the entire process over again from the beginning, which would take years [and] be a huge setback," the American Commitment president asserts.

Canada's prime minister has already been in talks with China about selling some of the oil. Last week, a Chinese government-owned company bought a Canadian firm, marking the biggest overseas takeover by a Chinese company and adding to the country's oil and gas investments off the costs of Mexico and the United Kingdom, among others.

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