Long Term Care Post Leads HA Blog November Most-Read List

by Chris Fleming

Source: Health Affairs

Now that the Obama Administration has suspended implementation of the CLASS Act, what long-term care financing system should take its place? That is the question that Gloria Eldridge and Joanne Lynn address in the most-read Health Affairs Blog post for November.

The November most-read list also features posts about reducing health care spending. For example, one post offers highlights from an event cosponsored by Health Affairs that looked at ways to save money while improving care. In another post, Thomas Saving and John Goodman argue that Medicare can save money by replacing a centralized price-fixing approach with market solutions. Henry Aaron states that there was always less to the so-called super committee than met the eye, and Merton Bernstein focuses on wasteful spending on non-benefit health care costs.

In other posts on the November top-ten list, Mark Hall argues that the Affordable Care Act’s individual mandate is vital to the success of health reform, and Tim Jost looks at the Supreme Court’s decision to review the constitutionality of both the mandate and the ACA’s Medicaid expansion. Jeff Goldsmith says that MedPAC’s proposal to reform the Medicare physician payment system represents one of the Commission’s rare misses.

Marsha Gold’s comprehensive look at Medicare Advantage facts and fallacies, published on Health Affairs Blog in March, also makes the November most-read list. And Joe Miller warns that the Medicare Shared Savings Program final rule and associated antitrust guidance might not protect consumers against provider market power.

The full list appears below:

  1. After CLASS: A Proposed Long-Term Care Insurance System
    by Gloria Eldridge and Joanne Lynn
  2. A Better Way To Approach Medicare’s Impossible Task
    by Thomas Saving and John Goodman
  3. Reducing Health Care Costs While Improving Care
    by Chris Fleming
  4. The Importance Of The Individual Mandate: A Response To Sheils And Haught
    by Mark Hall
  5. Pay Attention To Health Insurance Non-Benefit Costs!
    by Merton Bernstein
  6. Medicare Advantage: Facts, Fallacies, And The Future
    by Marsha Gold
  7. Accountable Care Organization Antitrust Guidance: Will Consumers Be Protected?
    by Joe Miller
  8. MedPAC’s SGR Solution: Bad Medicine For A Chronic Problem
    by Jeff Goldsmith
  9. High Court To Review ACA’s Minimum Coverage Requirement, Medicaid Expansion
    by Timothy Jost
  10. The Super Committee: Less Important Than Meets The Eye
    by Henry Aaron

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