Killing Mini-meds May Hike Uninsured Rates

New NCPA Report Shows Benefits of Limited Insurance Option

DALLAS, TX- Popular "mini-med" plans that allow employers to offer health plans at a low cost to both employees and the company are facing extinction under the Affordable Care Act, which a new analysis finds may actually increase the number of uninsured workers, affecting as many as two million people.

The National Center for Policy Analysis today released Mini-Med PlansReport author David R. Henderson says, "The ironic effect of a law that President Obama said would extend insurance to the uninsured is to make insurance for low-income Americans less affordable and, therefore, cause many of them to go without insurance."

The mini-meds are most commonly used by low-wage, seasonal and part-time workers.  On the government waiver granted to McDonald's, Henderson says in the report, "To regulate these people out of their insurance outright would have been embarrassing - especially in light of the revelation that more than 100,000 McDonald's workers could lose their health plan - right on the eve of a national election. So the bureaucrats did what bureaucrats do so well - they added another layer of sloppy regulation on top."

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