Health Care Forum: John Goodman and Ron Anderson -The McCuistion Show

Source: The McCuistion Show

Dr. Ron Anderson, President/CEO of Parkland Hospital System in Dallas, and Dr. John Goodman, President/CEO of the National Center for Policy Analysis, recently debated the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act.

Dr. Anderson opened his comments by mentioning the McCuistion Program, on which he and John Goodman have taken have expressed very divergent views on health care.  According to Dr. Anderson, "we need a safety net institution; the market doesn't always work. We need a bias toward value not volume and to be involved in shifting the paradigm toward preventive care."

Dr. Goodman comments on how surprisingly they agreed more than disagreed on many issues: "I had a lively discussion about how health reform will affect the nation's health care system. Ron is a nationally known advocate of national health insurance. I am at the other end of the spectrum. This may have been the first formal debate over the bill since its passage. What was remarkable was not how much we disagreed, but how much we agreed. In particular, we both think:

Emergency room traffic will increase rather than decrease. Access to care for seniors and the disabled will be so impaired that they are at risk of becoming like Medicaid enrollees -forced to seek care at community health centers and safety-net hospitals. And extraordinary discretionary power is being given to one federal agency to make decisions that will affect everyone."

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