Health Care And The Midterm Elections - Kaiser Health News

by Kate Steadman

Source: Kaiser Health News

Bloggers are zeroing in on health care politics as races around the nation ramp up for midterm elections this fall. Candidates and politicians alike feature prominently this week.

CJR's Trudy Lieberman visits Missouri to check back with voters she interview a year ago prior to passage of the national health law. Lieberman says, "What I found corroborates anecdotally what the polls are finding scientifically: that people don't like reform; believe much of the misinformation that they've heard; don't see how it will help them; and have a bad feeling about what will happen to their benefits."

Health Beat Blog's Maggie Mahar makes clear her opposition to Rick Scott's candidacy for Florida governor. Scott is the former CEO of the massive HCA/Columbia hospital chain that pleaded guilty "to no fewer than 14 felonies and paid a total of $1.7 billion in criminal and civil fines. Scott was never charged with any wrong-doing." Scott won the Republican nomination in Florida's primary election Tuesday. Mahar writes that voters need to examine his background: "I was thunder-struck when I discovered that Rick Scott was running in the Republican primary to become  governor of Florida. In May, I wrote a HealthBeat post about his candidacy, predicting that he might even win. He did. This is why I have decided to take another crack at the story. It is essential that everyone-whether conservative or liberal-understand who Scott is, and the role he played, not  only in the health care industry."

The Heritage Foundation has a guest post and video from Republican Indiana Gov. Mitch Daniels (considered a potential presidential candidate in 2012), who says of the new health law, "it's a misnomer to even refer to this as 'reform.' It doesn't reform anything. Instead, it perpetuates and magnifies all the worst aspects of our current system: fee for service reimbursement, 'free' to the purchaser consumption, and an irrationally expensive medical liability tort system. It's a sure recipe for yet more overconsumption and overspending."

Contrary to Cannon and Daniels, the National Center for Policy Analysis is using the term "health reform" - and just published a nearly 50-page consumer's guide to the new health law.

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