Governor George Allen Joins National Center for Policy Analysis

Dallas - The National Center for Policy Analysis has named former Virginia Governor George Allen a Distinguished Fellow. In this position, Governor Allen will play an active roll in developing the NCPA's innovative public policy ideas.

"John Goodman and I are excited to have Governor Allen on board," said Governor Pete du Pont, policy chairman for the NCPA. "As Governor of Virginia, he proved himself a strong proponent of free market public policies. In fact many of the policies he enacted have long been NCPA ideas."

As governor of Virginia, Allen had a reputation for creating more than 300,000 private sector jobs, attracting $14 billion in new investments, cutting taxes by more than $1 billion, strengthening education with rigorous standards of learning and testing, abolishing parole and reforming welfare. These are all areas that are a high priority for the NCPA.

"I'm delighted to have the opportunity to use the experience that I gained as governor of Virginia to develop positive solutions to public policy challenges with the NCPA," Governor Allen said. "Free market principles created an economic renaissance in Virginia. I'm joining the NCPA because they promote those same free market ideas to the nation."

As a Distinguished Fellow, Governor Allen will work with the NPCA on public policy ideas and communicate them through radio, television and newspapers.

"Governor Allen will serve as an excellent champion for NCPA ideas," said NCPA President John Goodman. "We believe that together, with Governor Allen, the NCPA will continue to make even larger advancements in public policy reform."