Financial Leaders Urge Investors To Buy Stock

NCPA Says "Invest in America"

DALLAS (Sept. 17, 2001) - As the financial world braces for U.S. markets to open this morning many financial leaders from legendary investor Warren Buffett to Treasury Secretary Paul O'Neill to President Bush and Vice President Cheney are calling on investors to be bullish and invest in America.

"Buy stock in those companies whose products are known worldwide, that are potent representatives of the American way of life, culture and industrial strength," said Bruce Bartlett, senior fellow at the National Center for Policy Analysis (NCPA). "I believe that if every American with the means to do so put a few dollars into the market when it opens, we could see one of the best days in Wall Street history."

NCPA Policy Chairman Pete du Pont added that "Tuesday's terrorist attack was designed, among many other things, to frustrate and discourage U.S. financial and currency markets. If we 'Invest in America,' that would be the best way to emerge victorious."

Both Gov. du Pont and Bruce Bartlett will be available for comment through the NCPA. Please contact Joan Kirby or Sean Tuffnell by phone or e-mail as listed below.