Environmental Extremists Go Too Far With Arson Attack

Dallas - H. Sterling Burnett, an environmental policy expert with the National Center for Policy Analysis, made the following statement today responding to the senseless arson attack by a group of environmental activists on a ski resort in Vail, Colorado:

"This is senseless destruction of property that will likely backfire, because it threatens popular support for the very causes the perpetrators claim to be crusading for. Even for a good cause, arson is never justified."

"This action also tells the public that the arsonists are more concerned about their special-interest vision of environmental quality than they are about lives, jobs and private property."

"Finally, this type of terrorism could diminish support for the Endangered Species Act, since it shows such radicals really don't care whether a species is truly endangered - the lynx is not. Their real goal is instead to control people's lives."

If you would like to speak to Burnett about this or any other environmental issue, contact the Media Relations department of the National Center for Policy Analysis.