Czech Republic president writes book



PRAGUE , Czech Republic, March 5

Czech Republic President Vaclav Klaus has announced he will release his latest book at a news conference Monday in Dallas.

"On the Road to Democracy: The Czech Republic from Communism to Free Society" focuses on the impact of the Czech Republic's free-market reforms and examines lessons learned during the transition from four decades of Soviet domination to democracy.

"This book is a remarkable collection of essays written during arguably the most remarkable decade of the 20th century," said Nobel Prize-winning economist Gary Becker. "President Klaus was both a leading economic thinker and practitioner during the transformation from communism to free markets."

Klaus, a Distinguished Leader of the National Center for Policy Analysis in Dallas, was given an award by the organization that provides international leaders an opportunity to present their ideas through publication of papers, speeches and other materials in book form.

Klaus has published more than 20 books.