Conference On Market-Driven Health Care Explores Bipartisan Solutions

NCPA is Catalyst for Doctors, Business Community Discussing Transformation of Changes in Delivery

WASHINGTON, D.C. (June 4, 2001) - A daylong conference on health care reform has united representatives from the U.S. Chamber of Commerce and the American Medical Association to discuss market-driven solutions to America's health care problems.

"America is on the threshold of a revolution in both health care delivery and financing," said Greg Scandlen-NCPA senior fellow. "Amazing advances in non-invasive treatment, molecular level health care and customization of patient-specific services will speed and ease delivery of services, while on the financing side we have finally come to the realization that health care is about people and if people are going to get what they want, they need more control over the own resources."

New health care delivery methods presented to employers would change benefit management and control costs in ways that focus on ensuring quality and employee satisfaction. In addition, the information revolution will have a great impact on health care financing and achieving the vision of a consumer-driven health care system.

"There is a broad base of bipartisan support for tax credits for the uninsured in this Congress, and a growing interest among all parties for market-driven ideas like expanded medical savings accounts, deductibility of premiums, and IRAs for health care," explained Jack Strayer, NCPA's vice president for external affairs and Congressional panel moderator.