Climate Change Policies Won’t Impact Global Warming

However, 10 Sensible Ideas Will Combat Global Warming Now and Boost the Economy

DALLAS, TX (June 3, 2009) - The various policies currently being considered by the Obama Administration to combat global warming will ultimately do nothing to impact climate change, according to NCPA Senior Fellow H. Sterling Burnett.

In fact, there are several "no regrets" ideas that can impact climate change today, including the government reducing regulatory barriers to new nuclear power plants, according to a new NCPA study that examines 10 "cool" climate policies and will be released at a June 3 Capitol Hill briefing. For example, the study concludes that nuclear power generation worldwide can reduce emissions by almost 2 billion metric tons.

"Regulatory delays substantially add to the cost of nuclear power, which is the only proven technology that can provide enough emissions-free energy to significantly reduce greenhouse gas emissions, said Iain Murray, Senior Fellow with the Competitive Enterprise Institute and co-author of the study.

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WHO:           Pete du Pont, NCPA Chairman and former Governor of Delaware 
                   H. Sterling Burnett, NCPA Senior Fellow
                   Iain Murray, CEI Senior Fellow

WHAT:         10 Cool Global Warming Policies
                   Examining Ten "No Regrets" Ideas to Address Climate Change

WHEN:          Wednesday June 3, 2009       
                   Noon - 1 PM (Lunch will be provided)                          

WHERE:        121 Cannon House Office Building
                   Washington, DC 20002