Cell Phones vs. Health Care

Source: Environmental, Health and Safety News

Cell phones have something in common with our bodies. Things can go wrong. When they do, we want someone to help fix them. In my neighborhood, I can walk into almost any phone store (Verizon, Sprint, AT&T, etc.) with no appointment, and most of the time I get service immediately. The phone store has competitors. Independent phone repair companies are popping up every day. There are even tools on the Internet that help you start your phone repair business. In most places, repair companies are within ten miles of their customers; repairs are done in fifteen minutes or less; and they are usually inexpensive ($40 to $60, say). Shopping malls have phone repair kiosks. Some companies will come to your house to repair your phone. Contrast that with the market for medical care, where almost nothing is available at the drop of a hat.

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