NCPA Media: Environment

  • Jun 12, 2013

    Dallas plastic bag ban bad for many reasons

    Dallas Morning News: Banning plastic bags can negatively impact local businesses and consumers, according to NCPA Senior Fellows Pamela Villarreal and H. Sterling Burnett.

  • Jun 11, 2013

    Don’t Divest, Educate–An Open Letter to American Universities “What we ask for is a more rigorous education on energy and environmental issues. Today’s students do not learn even basic facts about the energy sources that make our civilization possible. But they are encouraged to take strong policy positions on the basis of extremely speculative predictions by individuals and institutions who falsely claim to represent the conclusions of all informed scientists.”

  • Jun 11, 2013

    Gun Control Debate 2013: You Can't Argue With Facts

    Policymic: According to NCPA data more guns would not necessarily impact crime rates, however, it does show that gun control is a flawed policy.

  • Jun 02, 2013

    Cash for Clunkers’ Hurt the Environment, Analysis Shows NCPA Senior Fellow H. Sterling Burnett says the cash for clunkers “program treated all vehicles the same, which took newer cars off the road and left older ones running.”

  • May 26, 2013

    Lightening an Energy Load Requires a Ton of Work Finding common ground on hot button energy issues has been a major impediment. But one area where policymakers are coming together is in the realm of energy efficiency, which is cost-effective while it is also reducing emissions and the reliance on electric generation.

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