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  • May 10, 2011

    Update on Federal Medicaid Funding

    NCPA Expert: Federal Medicaid Funding Is Still Flawed

    NCPA - The richest states that spend the most money receive more money for Medicaid under the federal formula used to decide how much funding states receive, according to a new report by National Center for Policy Analysis (NCPA). 

  • May 08, 2011

    Ryan's Plan – John Goodman’s latest commentary compares ObamaCare to the Ryan plan.

  • May 04, 2011

    Like Long Medical Wait Times, Crowded Emergency Rooms? You’ll Love ObamaCare.

    Reason – This article on the predicted rise of emergency room visits under ObamaCare references Goodman’s calculations in Health Affairs.

  • May 02, 2011

    Medicare Cures Won’t Fix Costs

    Dallas Morning News Online – NCPA President John Goodman is quoted on Medicare costs in the Dallas Morning News.

  • Apr 19, 2011

    Medicare by the Numbers

    Texas Insider - Here are the five most important things you need to know about Paul Ryan, Barack Obama and Medicare. You won't find this anywhere else.

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